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Let’s Go To The Place

This song appears in Timeless as an instrumental version. I wrote it specifically for the film, and, while writing, believed it to be one of the most important parts of the film. When editing, though, I used a temporary instrumental version – and liked its effect on the scene a lot better without words. Thus, I never recorded a version with vocals. Here, for the first time, the original lyrics I wrote for the song: Continue reading

Bonnie And Clyde

I wrote the lyrics to this song one evening, on April 21, 2015. I had written the melody much earlier, for a song called “Let’s Go to the Place“, which was supposed to be in my film Timeless also. That latter song ended up in the film as an instrumental version. The idea to modify its melody and use it with the Bonnie and Clyde-Song came later, in September 2015. Originally, I had thought to give this song a more upbeat melody Continue reading