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My Desert Films (II): Zzyzx

Beside Gold. – which I covered in my previous post – there is another short film I did that is set in a desert. Its name sounds very strange: Zzyzx (pronounced: Zy-Zacks, it rhymes with “Isaac’s”, according to the person who came up with the name). What is the background of this small short film with its found footage look that’s so different from the more experimental Gold.? Continue reading

My Desert Films (I): Gold.

Gold. One of my most experimental films, with an introduction by Miles Kreuger.

Deserts hold a special fascination for me. In 2011, a road trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas sparked my interest in those surroundings. That trip felt magical: Traveling to Las Vegas (receiving an award for my film Mutant Calculator there), and then back to LA for the West Coast Premiere of my film Menschenliebe, it was my very first time in California and Nevada. Watching Mojave desert outside the car’s window – a landscape I had only known from films beforehand – made me feel like I was in an entirely new, fascinating and foreign surrounding. Continue reading

How to start out as a filmmaker

During the past days, I re-organized the archive of my films, going through the raw material of my very first projects I did as a teenager. To me, it was fascinating and brought back a lot of memories of a time when a few friends and I just did every goofy thing on our mind to make weird little comedy films. Back then, we just wanted to do fun films and did not care how “professional” they looked. The “sets” certainly were not professional by any standard. A guy with a camera (not even an external microphone), a few actors making up lines on the spot based on a short script while I directed the scenes… Yet, I probably learned all basics about filmmaking during that time of unlimited experimentation. We did not think of us as “filmmakers” (meaning we didn’t really think of us and our image); we simply were some friends who wanted to create films and enjoyed making them; we just wanted to create the result and didn’t particularly care about the means to get there, how “professional” or “standardized” they were. A time of experimenting and learning.

Klaus Müller and I in Killer-Squirrels (Summer 2008).

Klaus Müller and I in Killer-Squirrels (Summer 2008).

There is an issue Continue reading

Bonnie And Clyde

I wrote the lyrics to this song one evening, on April 21, 2015. I had written the melody much earlier, for a song called “Let’s Go to the Place“, which was supposed to be in my film Timeless also. That latter song ended up in the film as an instrumental version. The idea to modify its melody and use it with the Bonnie and Clyde-Song came later, in September 2015. Originally, I had thought to give this song a more upbeat melody Continue reading