Bonnie And Clyde

I wrote the lyrics to this song one evening, on April 21, 2015. I had written the melody much earlier, for a song called “Let’s Go to the Place“, which was supposed to be in my film Timeless also. That latter song ended up in the film as an instrumental version. The idea to modify its melody and use it with the Bonnie and Clyde-Song came later, in September 2015. Originally, I had thought to give this song a more upbeat melody, but one day I just had the idea that the lyrics and the melody were a perfect match – ideal for the ending credits of Timeless.

Let’s Run Away Like Bonnie And Clyde
by Alexander Tuschinski

Let’s run away like Bonnie and Clyde.
Let us leave all behind, now let us decide:
You want to live boring, leaving no mark?
Or let’s deeply scratch society’s bark?

We’ll run away; they’ll want us dead.
We will be free – what’s good and what’s bad?
We will live short, but at least we have lived.
Not like those people who merely exist.

Let’s run away like Bonnie and Clyde.
We will still be alive long after we died.
We’ll be gone soon, but we just don’t care:
We lived more intense than those who don’t dare.

It won’t be easy. The dangers are vast.
Our every move might just be our last.
Just finding food will feel more intense
Than living for years in a pre-made pretense.

Those who just do what everyone does,
Those who just judge and don’t start a fuss:
They won’t understand us and that feels so right!
While they dim away we’re living tonight

Let’s be born again just like Bonnie and Clyde!
Leave all behind, let us brush it aside!
Death might come in a day or a year.
Whenever it finds us I’ll hold you, my dear!

People will say there’ll be no happy end.
But for them there’s none as they just pretend:
They’re smiling away a nine-to-five life!
They’re rotting, suburbia just swallowed their drive.

Each moment we live will be our best!
No matter how many, when we’re laid to rest:
We’ll be assured we got all we could get;
Better than decades of boredom and sweat.

If future young souls will be searching, in need:
They’ll be inspired, perhaps even freed.
Reading about us, we will be their guide.
So let us be free like Bonnie and Clyde!